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Living Unscripted Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

A MUST LISTEN! This week we are honored to share space with University of Utah Professor and Ecologist, Nalini Nadkarni. This boss lady is changing how society understands trees through so many venues including environmentally friendly fashion, TED Talks, religion, Playboy magazine and so much more. Did we mention Mattel made a BARBIE of her???

Known as "the queen of canopy research," American Ecologist Nalini Nadkarni explores the rich world found in the tops of trees. She communicates what she finds to non-scientists - with the help of poets, preachers and prisoners. Her work has been featured in Natural History, Glamour, Playboy, and others, and she has appeared in many television documentaries, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Good Morning America, National Geographic, and CNN's The Next List.

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