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Living Unscripted Podcast

Mar 13, 2023


Thank you to our listeners who have reached out and shared your concern and that you miss our weekly shenanigans and shit talking. For the rest of you that welcomed the break from us, you're welcome, but you couldn't get rid of us forever. 

We are opening up our worlds to you in order to let you in on where we have been and how our lives got flipped upside down. (Now I have the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song in my head-lovely.) We realized six months ago in the midst of some serious life hurdles that we weren't staying true to the messaging we've always preached here: Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some fucking grace. So, we paused, allowed ourselves to be consumed in our personal challenges, and we are coming up for air more aligned and excited to blast our nonsense on the airwaves again. 

If you didn't give up on us, thank you. If you did, same, we almost did too. But give a listen, another chance, and in case you were worried that we lost some of our ratchetness..PALEEEEAAASSE, we are back and worse than ever.