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Living Unscripted Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

Let's be real, we talk a lot about trying to improve ourselves and doing "the work" on this show. But, sometimes you just want to let loose, make some impulsive decisions and have fun. This week we are embracing the YOLO mindset and leaving behind the "hard" for a season. As Brookie's wise 2-year-old put it, "it's gonna be a loooong summer" and we are here for it. So, if you're in the trenches right now, we support you, we are cheering for you, and the work you're putting in will pay off. But, if you're ready to leave that behind and PLAY, here is your permission. Whether that means tucking yourself in at 9pm like Brooke or living by Caitlin's current motto "sleep when you're dead", YOU DO YOU BOO! 

#BehindTheBROADcasters is where we share our opinions and get vulnerable with you. No guests. Just US, Brooke and Caitlin, and our soapbox of course. We are peeling back the layers and going UNSCRIPTED about whatever we feel like. No offense intended, but ya know, we can be offensive so hang on for the ride and grow some thick skin.





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