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Living Unscripted Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

London Lazerson has been going viral since 2015. He’s directed, produced, and edited thousands of videos, most of which are pretty funny-so he tells us. He has destroyed the TikTok game, gaining over 3 million followers in just 12 months using specific strategies that he now teaches in his “Viral Blueprint” TikTok course. What even is TikTok? Asking for a friend. He tells us what it means to be TikTok famous. We are asking all the questions and London is giving all the answers. Starting with teaching Caitlin how to download the app (not kidding). You, like us, may have thought that TikTok was just a silly app for wasting time, but the money being made on the platform is insane. London tells us how he calculated his rise to TikTok superstardom and is sharing how anyone with enough determination and creativity can do the same.

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