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Living Unscripted Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

This week we are joined by Ken Verdoia, the non-Mormon authority on polygamy and a seasoned award winning journalist for PBS. Plural marriage is a controversial topic impacting Utah's history. We dive into the effects it's had on culture, politics, women, society, and religion. Ken is also nationally regarded for his on-air presence as a journalist. We discuss journalism through the ages and our responsibility to truth find and stop the echo. He’s the whole package – academic knowledge and amazing story-telling.

Ken recently retired from PBS Utah. At PBS Utah he produced 25 documentaries and received 29 regional Emmy awards earning him the unofficial title of "Utah’s Storyteller". Before a 35-year career with PBS, Ken was a journalist and news anchor for several news organizations including KTVX and KALL. In his book on the evolution of the Utah Territory, Utah, The Struggle for Statehood, he weighs the many twists and turns of the practice of polygamy.






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