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Living Unscripted Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

**TRIGGER WARNING**Sensitive and graphic content**

It’s pretty rare that we are without words for nearly an hour, but that is what happened when this week’s guests shared their stories. Candice and Chris' expertise in healing trauma and their willingness to be vulnerable about their own pasts stopped us in our tracks. These two own and operate Namaste Center For Healing and are leading experts in trauma and sexual-relationship recovery. Spoiler alert, they are also married. In this week’s episode Candice opens up about her relatively recent autism diagnosis and how it has impacted her career and relationship with Chris. Chris spent 20 years in law enforcement. His heroic service from SWAT to 9/11's Ground Zero did not come without a cost and we get to hear his HUMAN experience. These two give hope to neurodiverse couples and a path to healing that is unparalleled.  Grab some tissues and get ready for this one.

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